Henry Mori is Vice President, Head of Engineering at PepsiCo, Inc., a global leader in convenient foods and beverages. He is responsible for the technology teams delivering against PepsiCo’s Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) and Business-to-Business (B2B) initiatives.

Henry joined PepsiCo in 2019, when the eCommerce technology company that he co-founded (Wellspace) was acquired by PepsiCo. Wellspace’s proprietary technology now underpins numerous eCommerce experiences at the company, including Gatorade.com, RockstarEnergy.com, GatoradeTeamzone.com and SodaStreamProfessional.com to name a few.

Prior to Wellspace, Henry led impactful technology initiatives within the eSports, gaming and hospitality industries and today, invests in and advises startups.

Henry earned his Bachelor of Science from Imperial College London and, as a lifelong learner, has gained certificates in subjects including Generative AI, Blockchain, and Entrepreneurship and Management from the London School of Economics.

Board Of Directors

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